Amazing Apple Pie Enchiladas!

A baked apple pie enchilada is the same delicious cinnamon goodness that is found in hot apple pie stuffed tightly inside a tortilla and topped with caramel sauce for a delicious dessert.


Amazing Apple Pie Enchiladas!

Flour tortillas rolled up with apples.

The recipe is very easy and fast to make, and it is very delicious. It is easy to make dessert enchiladas by filling flour tortillas with a mixture of apple pie filling that has been canned and cinnamon, and sprinkling a little caramel syrup on top.

Whether you’re having breakfast, brunch, or any time of the day, this recipe is a great choice!

If you prefer, you can subsitute peaches or cherries for the apples.

Next week, our closest relatives will be visiting us. This includes the grandparents, my husband’s and my parents, and my sisters, too.

It would be nice if we made some sweet treat, but what should I make?

It is only a matter of time before the fall season arrives, and with it comes apple desserts. However, guests who are coming usually have a tendency to criticize a lot, so they will say:  Ooooh, no! It’s not another cake with apples, is it? In any case, I’m going to make that apple cake anyway!

We’re going to have something special this time around! It must be something that will appeal to both the old as well as the young’s taste, something that will be classic and traditional, but with some juicy additions that will give it a unique taste and wow my guests while they are enjoying it!

The next time around I will be making APPLE PIE ENCHILADAS! 

In spite of this, only one thing worries me, what if the guests enjoy the apple pie enchiladas so much that we keep talking about them for the entire evening, which happens sometimes?

If you happen to have some canned apples, some flour tortillas, and you are looking for a delicious, and very easy, recipe that will add a cinnamon spiciness to your life, then these apple pie enchiladas are the recipe you are looking for.

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