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Easy Food Hacks That You Absolutely MUST See!

Food Hacks And Cooking You MUST See

From spiraled hot dogs and some pancake mix to incredibly fancy cut hard-boiled eggs, the hacks in this video are ones that you must see! You won’t soon forget any of them after having seen them, and you will probably want to give all of them a try!

This video starts out by showing you how to make a spiral hot dog using a skewer, half of a hot dog, and some pancake batter mix.

After that, the video shows you how to spiralize potatoes on a skewer and bake them for a wonderful variation on curly fries.

Following that, this video shows you how to very quickly and easily cut a potato into wedges in just a split second! Then sprinkle with a little bit of oil and your preferred seasoning(s) and bake the wedges in the oven for delicious and unfried potato wedges!

If you are having trouble with enough space in your oven to be able to bake two pizzas at the same time, the next hack on this video provides a simple solution that will let two pizzas be baked in virtually any size oven.

Do you love garlic but don’t like peeling the garlic cloves so much. The next hack in this video shows you a very quick and simple way to peel numerous cloves all at once, quickly and easily!

The kitchen hack that follows the above garlic one shows you how to quickly and easily add some flavor to the rice you are cooking.

The next hack shows you how to make crushed ice even if you don’t have a blender handy. All you need is a plastic Ziploc baggie for this one!

Need to dramatically cool a canned beverage in just two minutes? This next hack is definitely one that you will need to pay attention to!

Down the same alley as the last hack mentioned above, there is a genius way that you can cool a glass of room temperature wine without adding ice to the glass of wine, very very quickly!

Are you sick and tired of your canned goods sticking to the can when you open it? Use this next hack to make the canned goods easily pour out into your preferred container!

If you don’t have a can opener handy or your can opener has broken, you can use sandpaper to get a can of food open, and this next hack shows you exactly how to do that.

The hack after the above one shows you how to make a cheese shredder out of an ordinary tin can (but do note that you will need a drill to do this one).

Want to spiralize some zucchini but find that using your spiralizer gadget is somewhat cumbersome? This next hack shows you how to use a simple wire coat hanger (and a drill) to use your spiralizer gadget to very quickly and easily spiralize those veggies.

The above list is only about half of the kitchen hacks shown on the video, so please continue to watch to learn other very clever kitchen tricks you can easily master!