Easy Sheet Pan Fried Eggs Recipe!

Here’s how you can make sheet pan eggs!

There is an easy way to prepare fried eggs that is particularly helpful if you are cooking for a crowd. You can also use these eggs for creating breakfast sandwiches.

Isn’t there just something truly wonderful about easy meals that are practically foolproof?

It’s for that reason that I love recipes such as this one so much.

The fact is, there is no guesswork involved at all. It is not necessary to wonder whether the fry pan is the right temperature and no specific technique is required to flip the eggs.

It works like a charm. Each and every time.

You can use a sheet pan egg for meal prep, to fry eggs for a crowd, or to prepare the best eggs you’ve ever tasted for breakfast sandwiches.

The Best Way to Cook Eggs on a Sheet Pan

There are no steps that are more simple than these!

The only thing you need to do is preheat your oven, lightly grease a baking sheet, crack the eggs onto the sheet (trying to keep the gaps between them as close to equal as possible), and bake them.

There is an important reason why you should bake the eggs at 350 F and not at a higher temperature, because you will be able to control the doneness of the eggs so much more easily this way.

Certainly, you can bake these in as little as six minutes if you raise the temperature of your oven to 425°F, but your yolks would certainly be hard after baking.

When it comes to eggs, I prefer to have them cooked to medium (or sometimes dippy or over easy). For the whites to cook without cooking the yolks completely, you will need to have a little patience and bake the eggs at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

The sweet spot for me is around 12 minutes.

As a result, the yolks aren’t dippy, but they aren’t hard either. The whites are also fully set.

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