How To Keep Wine Cold Without Ice

How To Keep Wine Cold Without Ice

By placing a bottle of wine in the refrigerator, you can cool it down in less than 24 hours, but it is the most laborious and slow method. It’s too late to store that bottle of wine in the refrigerator if you’re reading this in preparation for a party that will be starting shortly, or just even if you have decided you want a glass (or two) of wine and want it chilled immediately!

In the case of red wines, it could take as long as 30 minutes for the wine to cool down to the proper serving temperature; while in the case of white wines, it might take no less than an hour.

Unless you’ve planned ahead, but honestly – who has the time to do all of that?

Wine is something we all want to drink now, not later. As a result, we did some research on your behalf and found some excellent tips for chilling wine quickly.

The video above is focused solely on using frozen grapes to chill your wine in individual wine glasses.

Below, however, are some other great wine hacks for you to try if it’s NOW that you want some wine chilled!

Would you like your wine to be chilled as soon as possible?

I suggest using a paper towel wetted with water to chill the wine. Many people swear by this method and it is quite easy to use.

Wrap the bottle of wine up in a dish towel or a couple of paper towels that have been dampened.

After wrapping the bottle, put it into the freezer.

It should take about 10-15 minutes for the towel to become frozen and for your wine to cool nicely. For red wines, you only need to wait five minutes.

One way to keep white wines and light-bodied red wines cool is to keep a stainless steel chiller in your freezer

Although it might not be the most effective way of getting white wine cold, it’s great for light bodied red wines and it’s just what you need to keep your white wine cold after it is already at the right temperature.

For this one, you should not use a large ice bucket.

A thinner chiller, the type you usually see in restaurants, is what you need because it almost hugs the bottle.

Keep the stainless steel in the freezer to keep it ice cold and ready to use when you are ready to use it.

It’s very easy to do. Put a bottle in the chiller (without ice) and simply leave it on the table or close by so it’s there when you’re ready to have another glass.

You can chill wine with ice by using the tea bag method.

If you forgot to put your grapes in the freezer and don’t want to water down your glass of wine by adding ice, you may try the ice tea bag method instead. Take a clean plastic sandwich bag and place a few ice cubes inside of it. Once the end of the bag has been tied, dip it into your glass!

Chill your bottle of wine with the help of snow!

That’s right, we’re completely serious. If you live somewhere where there is snow for most of the winter season, then putting a bottle of wine in a snow bank is probably the best way to utilize the snow that you have. So, please do not hesitate to go ahead and bury a bottle deep in the snow in order to keep your wine cool or to give it a quick chill.

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