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How To Make Green Onions Last Much Longer Using Water

How To Make Green Onions Last Much Longer

If you want to store green onions properly, you need to use one of the three methods outlined below. If you do this, you will be able to preserve the green onions for a longer period of time than if they were simply stored in the refrigerator. In doing one of these methods, you will be able to reduce food waste and you will also be able to reduce your grocery shopping expenses.

The first method is to store green onions on a window sill in a glass of water. 

This is our #1, most highly recommended method for making your green onions last longer, as this method allows the green onions to actually grow and survive, virtually for many months if the instructions in the video are followed diligently.

Other types of onions, other than green onions, do not need to be stored in the refrigerator, and likewise, green onions don’t need to be stored in the refrigerator either.

In this first method, the green onions are placed on the window sill. In order to ensure that the onions will remain upright, I recommend using a jar that has a heavy bottom and is tall enough to hold them without them falling over. I have found it very easy to grow green onions in jars from their roots. Basically all you have to do is place the roots and two or three inches of the green part of the green onions in a glass jar or glass, and fill it with at least a few inches of cold or room temperature water (just enough to cover the roots a bit). You will only need to place the jar on the window sill of your kitchen after that and you are good to go. You will not only maintain the freshness of your onions, but you will also be able to grow them yourself as well. To keep the water clear and fresh, you will need to top up the container with fresh water every few days, or as necessary.

Store in the refrigerator.

If there isn’t a windowsill in your kitchen, then you can store green onions in your refrigerator instead of on a window sill. If you do not have a windowsill to place the onions, you can cover the tops of the onions with a plastic bag, following the same instructions for storing the onions in a window. Ziplock bags work well for this.

As a way to ensure that as much moisture as possible remains in the bag, it is imperative that you tighten the bag. In the event that you are using a grocery bag, you will need to seal the end where the bag meets the mouth of the jar with a rubber band or string; in the case of a zip-top bag, you will need to close the sides just a little bit. As long as the seal is good enough for humidity to be kept in the container, it does not have to be completely airtight. Once the onions are in place, store them in the jar and the bag in the refrigerator. Please make sure you place the glass jar in an area where it is unlikely to be knocked over, and make sure to change the water every two to three days.

Store in a damp paper towel.

It is possible to store the green onions in a paper towel and a storage bag as an alternative to putting them in a jar. The first thing that you should do is wrap the green onions in a damp paper towel. It is important to note that damp towels provide a healthy amount of humidity for proper storage; however, if too wet, the green onions can rot. The green onions can be wrapped in a towel and sprinkled with water after they have been wrapped in the towel.

Make sure that the wrapped scallions are placed in a plastic bag or a container where they can be stored. It is not necessary for the bag or container to be airtight. It is important to remoisten the paper towel if it becomes too dry and to replace it if it becomes too wet.