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Pigs In A Pretzel Blanket Tailgate Recipe

Pigs In A Pretzel Blanket

The party will not be complete if you do not make some type of pigs in a blanket. This dish is an absolute must-have for any tailgate party, Superbowl party, ugly sweater party, family game night, or any other time of the year where you’ll be having people over.

Whenever we’re looking for a quick and easy recipe to use, we can’t get enough of these tasty treats!

How would you like to level up your pigs in a blanket presentation for, say, your next tailgate party? Try whipping up some of these pretzel pigs in a blanket!

Is there any other alternative to pizza dough dough that I can use?

We tend to gravitate toward the flavor of pizza dough because there is something very classic about it, and it really does work the best for making these pretzel pigs in a blanket taste just like pretzels.

However, puff pastry or even biscuit dough would be just as wonderful.

Make sure to plan ahead enough time for the puff pastry to thaw because most of the time you purchase it frozen.

Is there anything else that I could use as a seasoning instead of coarse salt?

The sky is the limit when it comes to what you love! One of our favorite toppings is garlic butter, which is brushed on before baking. Poppy seeds, granulated onion, and white and black sesame seeds are additional ideas that you can consider. Essentially, these little guys are like blank slates, which can be topped with any kind of seasoning of your choosing! (Shredded Parmesan would be a good addition as well…)

There are no cocktail weiners at the supermarket where I shop! So what should I do?

There is good news for you! In my opinion, regular hot dogs can totally be used for the “pigs in a blanket”. If you’re using hot dogs, just cut them into quarters and proceed with the recipe as is.

How should I serve them? Is there anything I should serve with them?

There is nothing better than a good grainy mustard dip when it comes to dips. Other dips to choose from include (but are of course not limited to) ketchup, aioli, barbecue sauce, or even ranch dressing.