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The Pioneer Woman Upside-Down Red Cheesy Pizza Recipe!

The Pioneer Woman absolutely KILLS making pizza at home with this incredibly unique recipe, which consists of putting together a pizza with the toppings on the bottom of a cast iron pan, followed on top of those with the sauce, and last but not least, the pizza dough.

If you’ve ever baked a made-from-scratch pizza in a standard pizza pan, you may have ended up with a somewhat doughy pizza crust.

However, this method of reversing the pizza ingredients allows the pizza dough/crust to be on top of the pizza when it bakes, which ensures a golden-brown pizza crust that is not doughy!

For any recipe, including the one above, that involves the use of a genuine cast iron pan, it is very important that you use a well-seasoned cast iron pan.

A cast iron pan that is not well-seasoned will cause virtually anything you try to cook in it to stick badly to the sides and bottom of the inside of it.

Therefore, make sure your pan is well seasoned!