No-Fuss Fancy Garlic Bread Recipe (Valerie Bertinelli)!

Children are already familiar with garlic bread even before they are aware of the existence of other kinds of bread. Since spaghetti is such a common meal in American homes, many children have already started eating garlic bread at such a young age. Slices or chunks of thick French or Italian bread are used to prepare this bread. It is slathered with butter and topped with herbs as well as garlic. Traditionally, garlic bread is served with pasta dishes as well as other entrees. This is one of the most popular types of breads that is commercially available and that can also be easily made at home.

A loaf of bread is the beginning of it all. As for bread, you may choose to use any type of bread that you purchase from the supermarket, such as French or Italian bread. In addition, breads that are baked with additional ingredients, such as sesame seeds or cheese, can be used. Among the ingredients that will be required are butter, garlic powder, salt, and minced garlic. Adding the garlic flavor can be done in two different ways. In one case, garlic can be combined with butter to make a spread; while in the other, the butter can be melted in advance and allowed to cool as the spread is being prepared.

In order to prepare the bread, split open the loaf of bread and fill the cavity with a mixture of butter and garlic. After doing so, put the loaf on a sheet of aluminum foil. You will need to make a long cut in the middle of the loaf without cutting through any of the bottom crusts. The other option is to cut horizontal slits in the loaf and fill the slits with butter, minced garlic, and garlic powder, then wrap the loaf in aluminum foil. The bread needs to be heated in the oven for several minutes in order to melt the butter and allow the garlic flavor to penetrate.

It is also possible to prepare garlic bread by cutting a loaf of bread into slices and putting butter and garlic on each slice or section separately. In order to do this, the bread needs to be sliced into small sections using a kitchen knife. I understand that you may be one of those people who prefer to tear the loaf into pieces rather than slice it, and that is fine too. Put the pieces of bread on a cookie sheet on which a thick layer of butter has been spread and on which garlic salt or powder has been sprinkled. Alternatively, minced garlic can also be added as a topping if you prefer. Place the baking sheet into a preheated oven for several minutes until the butter melts and the garlic flavor permeates the bread. As a result of this method, the garlic bread is much crunchier than the kind that is baked in foil after it has been wrapped.

There are commercially prepared garlic breads that are available to people who do not have the time to make their own garlic bread at home. They are kept in a pouch made of aluminum, and all you need to do is place them in the oven for a sufficient amount of time for the butter to melt.

If you do not serve garlic bread along with your pasta, the dish will not be quite the same. If paired with something like an entree or tossed salad, then garlic bread absolutely completes the meal and gives it a pleasant garlicky bite that many people love.

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